usb alfa network AWUS036H

high power wifi card, 500mw rtl8187

Here, we have a really good compatible wifi card !
And for make it better, it's a high power 500mw !

This usb card AWUS036H coming from alfa network is a jewel!. She's fully compatible with aireplay-ng, 500mw, a RP-SMA connector and -96dbm sensibility !

High security 64/128/256bit WEP Encryption, TKIP, WPA, 802.11.

She've a realtek rtl8187 chipset, who works great under linux and with the aircrack suite !
Where to buy-it

The test

500mw, small but very good the usb!

Seeing it on ebay, I was thinking this card will be enormous and not very ideal for wardriving ...
In fact not !
Yes, she's enormous, not for her size but for her capacities. See it yourself (click for orginal size):
usb alfa network AWUS036H

Did I speak about the range ?? :

I had to reduce the charactere's size and not all networks can be viewed :D
And, there is 2 usb for for powering the card.. yes 500mw ! :)
2 usb


With ubuntu, we have just to install the rlt8187 drivers and it's work great with aireplay-ng and airodump-ng.

Under backtrack 2 final, the card is directly detected with airmon-ng and put in monitor mode.

After that, no problem for association and injection, moreover with the power and the sensibility of this card we have a lot of stations and ARP come very fast.
aireplay attaque 1 ralink rtl8187

aireplay attaque 3 rtl8187


This high power usb wifi card is fully aircrack compatible, and with her RP-SMA port we can add her an antenna for more and more range coverture.

Where to buy it

This card with her RP-SMA connector and her 500mw is a little more expensive than a simple usb card but possible applications are huge.
You can trust this specialist in high power wifi cards: they are official Alfa Netowrk authorized and certified reseller, and they have it in stock: Awus036H.

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