Dongle wifi Awus036s

Chipset ralink and RP-SMA

We've found the little sister of the AWUS036H and she's her worthy succesor ;)

She has a RPSMA connector too and she's more portable with no usb wire need.

This time, it's not a realtek rtl8187 chipset but a ralink rt2500 chipset, much better ;)

Also works great in WEP and WPA TKIP/AES see the constructor doc for more informations.
More of then , with her ralink chipset, she's really good supported by linux and especially backtrack.

I've tested the card and during the crack, I've tested for my first time aircrack-ptw: good hardware, good software => good stuff ;)


Usb + RPSMA = Hapiness

Even the awusO36h was small, this one too and no wires !

awus036s 1 euros alfa usb rp sma reverse

Personnaly I love the look :

Mode monitor, injection ?

With backtrack 2, we've just to start the card:
ifconfig rausb0 up
And put it in monitor mode with airmon-ng
ifconfig rausb0 up airmon-ng

The card is directly detected and recognized with no patch and put in mode monitor

Association and injection are invited to the party too, and we can see a verry good sensibility.
aireplay-ng association

aireplay -ng attaque injection 5130 ARP

aireplay-ng injection de paquet attaque 3 66k ARP

It's the first time of my life witch I inject as fast as this time!
So fast than the AP was game over, I must restart it and reduce the speed if I want to inject!

Look at the #/s column : more than 600/s and look the RXQ column, during the crack, the value was always between 95% - 100%

I've take advantage of the hardware test for testing the new aircrack-ptw, and I was flabbergasted !
aircrack-ptw crack avec 45019 IVS
Only 45K and less than 5 minutes !

One for me please ;)

Once more, I'm verry satisfied of this awus036s who's fully aircrack-ng compatible and work Great under backtrack 2

The range is similare as the one of my GN-WI01GT, also verry good !.
Morother, we can add it a rpsma antenna, I've tested it with my 7db directionnal and WOAW too more AP!!!

You can get one on data aliance store for a very smart price: 30$, I have not found it at a better price, if you, please mail me ;)

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