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List of wifi cards compatible with aircrack : view it in english En francais c'est mieux ;)

Here you can find a list of wifi card who have been tested with succes for aircrack.
Most are wifi card with atheros and ralink chipset.

The Boss' selection:

The best card, I've buy and tested them for you ;)

Recommended card and fully tested

card USB alfa awus036s (~30$) chipset ralink. - Buy one -.
Test of this usb dongle whith chip ralink and port rp-sma.
alfa network 500 mw

USB card 500mw chipset realtek rtl8187. () - Buy one - Awus036H.
Test of this usb high power rtl8187.

Other cards but test in french on this page

Wifi usb cards :

D-Link DWL-G122 ralink chipset

Linksys WUSB54G Only v4
chipset ralink


Wifi Pcmcia cards

MSI CB54G2 Chipset ralink

D-link g650 Atheros chipset
Linux + Windows

Netgear WG511T Atheros chipset
Linux + Windows

Proxim 8470-WD Atheros chipset
Linux + Windows


PCI cards

MSI PC54G2 Chipset ralink

Netgear WG311T Chipset atheros
Linux + Windows (inject paquet under windows too)

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